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HealthBeat® Elliptical

Part of Landscape Structures HealthBeat® Outdoor Fitness Equipment line, HealthBeat® Elliptical engages multiple muscle groups. The lower body, upper body and core muscles are all utilized while also encouraging muscle coordination, all without joint impact. The ability to stride both forward and backward allows people to vary their workout and challenge muscles in different ways.  With a new patent resistance mechanism, you can adjust the resistance to provide a customized intensity. Also, large foot pads and long arm handles accommodate users of any height.


- Featuring new, patent-pending resistance technology

- Only outdoor elliptical equipment with variable resistance

- Includes instructional sign with illustrations and link to proper use videos

- Can be paired with another HealthBeat® station to share a center post

- Safety surfacing required to comply with ASTM F1292 for the fall height of the equipment

- Age Range: 13+ for ASTM/CSA standards (Height 1400mm+ for EN standards)

- Direct bury or surface mount
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Age Range

13+ years


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