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HealthBeat® Pull-Up/Dip

Part of Landscape Structures HealthBeat® Outdoor Fitness Equipment, the HealthBeat® Pull-Up/Dip provides multiple highly effective workouts.  This  station allows the user to utilize different types of workouts for strength-building exercises for the upper body.  While performing pull-up and dip exercises, you can also perform lower body exercises to work the core! In conclusion,  this station provides a strong workout for multiple muscle groups.


- Can be paired with another HealthBeat® station to share a center post

- Includes instructional sign with illustrations and link to proper use videos

- Safety surfacing required to comply with ASTM F1292 for the fall height of the equipment

- Age Range: 13+ for ASTM/CSA standards (Height 1400mm+ for EN standards)

- Direct bury or surface mount
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