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Discovery Park Playground

Discovery Park Playground

Unique natural components and various ways to play make the playground at Discovery Park truly one of a kind.  Because Discovery Park is one of Seattle’s favorite parks, there is two separate playgrounds to accommodate all ages.  For the older kids, the main attraction at Discovery Park Playground is the custom tower structure with a distinct metal roofing and large slides. In addition, the tower is play functionally linked to a Netplex® structure with a Disc Net Climber.  Recycled Wood Grain Lumber Panels, Rock Climbers and a few custom nature inspired components allow this playground to blend with its surrounding environment.  And because this play area is functionally linked, kids can climb their way around the playground without touching the ground.  The playground for the youngest of kids is aesthetically compatible with its neighboring structure. Although there is not as much play value, the structure still offers strong sensory and imaginative play.

In conclusion, go play at Discovery Park Playground!


PlayBooster®, Custom, Nature Inspired
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Age Range

2-12 years

3801 Discovery Park Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98134


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