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McCleary Elementary Play Area

McCleary Elementary Play Area

McCleary Elementary is just outside of Olympia and on your way to the coast!  PlayCreation was able to provide McCleary Elementary with freestanding play equipment to start the 2016 school year. The TopsyTurny® Spinner, Escalator Climber, Wobble Pods, Curved Balance Beam and Spring Pods bring a new style of play to an old play area.  The TopsyTurny® Spinner provides a fun way to gain the valuable spinning motion kids need for healthy growth and development. It also accommodates a large number of kids on the platform and between cables so that friends can play together. Therefore, whether spinning fast or casually rotating, the TopsyTurny Spinner is a great freestanding addition to your playground.  In Conclusion, students can climb, spin and test their balance with just a few new pieces of play equipment!


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5-12 years

611 S Main St,
McCleary, WA 98557


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