Installation Options

PlayCreation installation options vary,  partnering with local Washington State Contractors who are not only licensed, bonded and insured, but also trained and certified by Landscape Structures on installing our innovative play systems. PlayCreation’s Contractor-Partners have decades of experience and are well versed in the safety regulations and requirements associated with playground environments.

We specialize in everything in and around a play area.  Your project may need demolition (of an existing play structure), border, grading, drainage and site furnishings. PlayCreation, through our Contractor-Partners can guide you through those services too.  Here are some typical install service outlines:

Community Build

Come together and build a playground!  Getting the most for your playground dollar is not the only benefit of a Community Build.  Bring the neighborhood together for a common goal and creating a sense of ‘ownership’.  Fortunately, Landscape Structures is engineered for these types of volunteer builds; with clearly written specifications and installation documents to pre-kitted hardware packs.

Partial Install | Community Build

This is a solution that PlayCreation developed over the years and have found that it works well for the group that wants the best of everything.  The partial install means that PlayCreation coordinates laying out the equipment within the site, digging the footing and post holes, and in some cases; setting the posts.  This makes the Community Build portion of the install simpler, more fun and efficient.

Installation Options

Full Install & Deluxe Install

Full installs are done by our Contractor-Partners, they perform the several ‘levels’ and services that may need to be done.  Full installs mean that the equipment is professionally assembled and installed.  Deluxe install is a full install but with extra services such as equipment offload, removal of spoils from footing holes, recycling and disposal of packaging.

Installation Options