New and innovative ways to play

New playground products encourages kids to play outdoors, engage their imaginations and brings children of all abilities to play together. So, Landscape Structures and PlayCreation consistently strive to bring new, inspiring and creative play experiences to the Northwest. In conclusion, innovation is our core and our motivation is to keep kids on the playground!




A truly inclusive playground experience, the spacious entry deck for the accessible playground swing can be connected to a ramp for easy roll-on access, and there’s no need to transfer from a mobility device to take part in the fun.

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Quantis™ A.2

Angular and sculptural, Quantis™ A.2 beckons kids ages 5 to 12 with its open format playscape and intriguing challenges that defy expectations. Here you’ll find dynamic play packaged in a compact geometric design that’s perfect for pocket parks or an

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Float on with New Smart Play

Pair our Smart Play® Billows™ for kids 5 to 12 with Smart Play Breeze™ for 2- to 5-year-olds and encourage imaginations to soar. Kids will flock to these flowy circuits for the lighthearted fun of clouds, kites and hot air balloons.

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