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Alpha Link® Tower Collection

Freestanding Play – Alpha Link® Tower Collection

Two towers double the climbing challenges and link by an elevated crawl tunnel for an exhilarating scramble from one tower to the other. It’s a physical and social wonderland where imaginations can literally soar. The Alpha Link® Tower Collection allow kids to experience heights in a safe way. Multiple climbers offer different routes up the outsides of both towers to the 4’ and 8’ level. Also, Kids can climb all the way to the fully enclosed 12’ deck on the inside of the largest tower. The Double Swoosh Slide® and the WhooshWinder® Slide will bring kids back down safely to earth. The geometric design of the playground and contemporary patina of the Hot Dip Galvanized steel frame presents a distinct look. In addition, kids will love finding all the unique lookout spots along with the shaded spaces inside for relaxing and socializing. To learn and see more of this equipment, click here.


Freestanding Play
Age Range

5-12 years


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