PlayCreation passionately represents manufacturers of commercial playground equipment, playground safety surfacing, site furniture and decorative cast iron metal grating.

We passionately represent Landscape Structures, the industry leading manufacturer of commercial playground equipment. Landscape Structures has 40+ years experience of designing, engineering and manufacturing playground equipment intended for Elementary Schools (public, private & independent), Parks, Churches, Days Cares, Apartment Complexes, Childcare Facilities, anywhere we can build healthy and sustainable communities.  It is our common goal to enhance children’s lives by fostering and creating inspiring and safe play experiences while honoring the environment.

 In addition to commercial playground equipment, PlayCreation specializes in all equipment associated with a playground project. Such as Safety Surfacing, Aquatic Play, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Outdoor Music Equipment and Site Furnishings.

Lastly, PlayCreation distributes Iron Age Designs. Iron Age Designs is a Seattle based company that creates decorative cast iron grating made specifically to fit the most widely used drain bodies. In addition to the complete line of decorative Trench Grates and Drain Grates, Iron Age Design also offers Tree Grates, Bollards, Cast Fencing and Benches. Iron Age is always creating more designs and adding to their long list of products.

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