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Inclusive Play

Play For All

Inclusive Play Allows Children of All Abilities to Grow Together

Landscape Structures and PlayCreation believe that regardless of ability, every child deserves the opportunity to play, socialize, and imagine. Because of that, PlayCreation strives to lead the way in Inclusive Play. So, while collaborating, we follow Landscape Structures’ Seven Principles of Universal Design to create a playground that best fits the needs of those in your community:

–  Equitable Use

– Flexibility in Use

– Simple and Intuitive Use

– Perceptible Information

– Tolerance for Error

– Low Physical Effort

– Size and Space for Approach and Use

Universal Design is a framework for the design of environments, products, buildings, ideas and more with the express goal that they be usable by the widest range of abilities. This framework influences our Inclusive Play Design Philosophy to ultimately increase access, safety, comfort and social participation within our play environments. In addition, PlayCreation can help ensure that your playground includes a wide range of activities to accommodate a variety of developmental needs.

There is so much to learn about Inclusive Play, contact PlayCreation so we can create play environments for all children!


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