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Smart Play® Volo™

Smart Play® Volo™

Volo’s outer ring provides more challenging activities in a perpetually flowing loop of climbing and sliding fun. Integrated seek-and-find games, science experiments and strategic route planning stimulate kids’ minds while playing. Whether they prefer fast-paced action or a leisurely pace, heights that thrill or staying close to the ground, Volo empowers kids to define their unique playstyle, offering a multi-layered spectrum of joy. ‌The Smart Play® Volo™ inner ring of play is all about choosing your own adventure, and there’s no shortage of ways to go! We intentionally designed each fun event to flow to the next, creating a perpetual play loop. Fast or slow, high or low, full energy or low key, Volo invites kids to create their own style of play with multiple layers of fun.


Smart Play® Volo™
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Age Range

5-12 years


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