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Georgetown Playfield

Georgetown Playfield

Three separate freestanding play events at Georgetown Playfield offer different styles of play for all ages.  First, the Smart Play®: Motion, a smart choice for younger children, packing 16 activities into a compact space to keep them busy and entertained in a safe, developmentally-appropriate way. In addition, for the older kids on the playground, the Global Motion®. Kids can climb, rotate, and explore two levels in this fun-filled structure. Lastly, for all ages, our signature Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments. Musicians of all abilities can discover the subtle shifts of tones and individual sounds combinations. So, no matter how old, there is play fro you in Georgetown.


Freestanding Play, Smart Play®: Motion, Rhapsody®
Age Range

2-12 years

750 S Homer St,
Seattle, WA 98108


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