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James W Lintott Elementary School Playgrounds

James W Lintott Elementary School Playgrounds

Two separate play areas provide their respective age groups with a ton of play value.  The 2-5 play area includes a Smart Play®: Motion, packing 16 activities into a compact space to keep them busy and entertained in a safe, developmentally-appropriate way. Also, its whimsical, modern design and affordable price make it an attractive add to your playground. In addition, neighboring the Smart Play®: Motion is a PlayBooster® structure for kids 5-12 years old.  This structure acknowledges all types of play including spinning, climbing, social, sliding and more! In conclusion, James W Lintott Elementary School playgrounds allow all their students to play and create fun memories.


Smart Play® and PlayBooster®
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Age Range

2-12 years

1240 Bishop Rd.
Chehalis, WA 98532


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