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Lakeridge Park Playground

Lakeridge Park Playground

This nature inspired play area is highlighted by the two towers! The first is the 10′ PlayOdyssey® Tower that offers a lower level play area, or, kids can climb to the top and slide down the 10′ Tower WhooshWinder® Slide. The second play tower is the very exciting, PlayBooster® Netplex® climbing structure. Like the other tower, kids can climb and navigate it how they please. Then, once at the top, kids are rewarded with a fun way down via the Double Swoosh Slide®. In addition to the these exciting structures, Lakeridge Park Playground also includes a nature inspired 2-5 structure, swings and a OmniSpin® Spinner. This park is a hidden gem in the City of Seattle!


PlayBooster® and Freestanding Play
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Age Range

2-12 years

10145 Rainier Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98178


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