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Loyal Heights Playfield Playground

Loyal Heights Playfield Playground

Kids can reach new heights at Loyal Heights Play Area. There are so many ways to play. And with a natural aesthetic, it fits right in this Ballard neighborhood. A 10′ PlayOdyssey® Tower makes it feel as though kids are climbing to the top of a tree house. Kids can climb from the tower to the PlayBooster® Netplex® Climber without touching the ground. In addition, a Smart Play®: Motion allows younger kids to play and grow there way to the 5-12 structures. Not to mention, swinging and spinning activities are also included at Loyal Heights Playfield Playground!


PlayBooster®, Smart Play®,
Freestanding Play
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Age Range

2-12 years

2101 NW 77th St/
Seattle, WA 98117


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