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Northwood Elementary

Northwood Elementary is a brand new school on Mercer Island!  The main structure, for kids 5-12 years old, includes a Eclipse® Net Climber as the main attraction. Requiring kids to utilize their problem solving kids in order to climb to the top, the Eclipse Net is a great addition to any playground.  Also, included in this play area is a Sunbeam Climber, Traveler Climber and a Logo Climber

In addition, the race track steals the show with toddlers and pre-schoolers on the Smart Play®: Motion®. Smart Play®: Motion® is a smart choice for younger children, packing 16 activities into a compact space to keep them busy and entertained in a safe, developmentally-appropriate way. Plus its whimsical, modern design and affordable price make it an attractive add to your playground. Even more, designing Smart Play®: Motion® is as quick and easy as it gets. Finally, with one model and one price, all you have to do is choose your colors.

For all ages to play, kids can rock out with the Rhapsody™ Kettle, Kundu and Goblet Drum set!


PlayBooster®, Evos®, Smart Play®: Motion, Rhapsody
Age Range

2-12 years

4030 86th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040


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