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Sunrise Elementary School Playground

Sunrise Elementary School Playground

Talk about making the most of the space provided. Sunrise Elementary School Playground includes a variety of ways to play! A composite structure mixed with a few ground level components make up the 5-12 playground. Because these components play functionally link, students can go from the Netplex® to the composite PlayBooster® structure without ever touching the ground. That aspect makes this playground exciting, but also, this playground includes nearly every style of play. The focal point of the 2-5 play area is the Smart Play®: Motion. In addition to all of this, a hillside play area completes the playground and offers something unique and amazing.


PlayBooster®, Smart Play® and Freestanding Play
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Age Range

2-12 years

2323 39th Ave SE,
Puyallup, WA 98374


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