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Thornton A. Sullivan Park Playground

Thornton A. Sullivan Park Playground

The city of Everett has done it again with this awesome play area! Thornton A. Sullivan Park Playground is a one of a kind area that has a tremendous variety of play for all ages and abilities. A nature inspired structure that provides ramp access at the entry of the play area. This structure a ton of lower level play events as kids make their way to the top of the structure. In addition, this structure play functionally links to an awesome custom net climber. The main structure in the 2-5 area is the Smart Play® Sprig® as well as many other freestanding play events! Lastly, the structure is filled with other exciting play events such as the ZipKrooz® and We-Go-Round® HDG with DigiFuse® Panels!


Smart Play®, PlayBooster®,
Freestanding Play
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Age Range

2-12 years

11405 W, 11405 Silver Lake Rd.
Everett, WA 98208


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