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Van Asselt Elementary Playground

Van Asselt Elementary Playground

Van Asselt Elementary contains a Smart Play®: Motion®. Recognizing that there are huge developmental differences between a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old. By ages 4-5, many kids naturally gravitate to the “big kid” equipment on the playground. So, the Smart Play®: Motion® is a smart choice for younger children, packing 16 activities into a compact space to keep them busy and entertained in a safe, developmentally-appropriate way. Also, its whimsical, modern design and affordable price make it an attractive add to your playground. In conclusion, designing Smart Play®: Motion® is as quick and easy as it gets.


Smart Play®: Motion®
Age Range

2-5 years

8311 Beacon Ave S,
Seattle, WA 98118

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