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Yesler Terrace Park Playground

Yesler Terrace Park Playground

This is one of the most exciting play area’s in the greater Seattle area! With play adhering to all ages, a unique landscape, a view of downtown Seattle and custom play, Yesler Terrace Park Playground is truly one of a kind. Because of the sites topography, a grass hill allows kids to slide or play their way down to the main structure from the upper plaza.  Kids 5-12 years old have ample ways to play, mostly due because of the two separate Netplex Climbers linked via parallel Portal Climbers.  If that is not enough, the Netplex structures includes component attachments, offering social and challenging play.  In addition, a tall tower structure neighbors the Netplex Climbers, providing more climbing, sliding, sensory play opportunities. Also included at Yesler Terrace Park, a 2-5 play structure. This structure adheres to younger kids so that all ages have the chance to grow on the playground.


PlayBooster® and Freestanding Play
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Age Range

5-12 years

835 Yesler Way,
Seattle, WA 98122


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